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*Sold as a Pre-Order Purchase, a limited quantity of these collections are currently available for order by reservation. Pre-Order Purchases are expected to be available again for shipping during the first week of July. This generously sized collection includes assorted color families ranging from pastels, nuetrals to jewel tones with a sprinkling of complimentary embellishments. A favorite among Stash Club members and available here for single purchase. *Cost of shipping may be reduced (when applicable) before payment's final processing to provide the most economical shipping possible. Requests for shipping quotes are welcome. Shipping will be reduced to $6.70 via large Priority Mail envelope when this item ships alone within the continental USA.

Pre-Order - 50+  PCS CQ Crazy Quilt Quilting Silk, Fancy Fabric Stash Builder
Pre-Order - 50+ PCS CQ Crazy Quilt Quilting Silk, Fancy Fabric Stash Builder
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Product Description

Pre-Order - 50+  PCS CQ Crazy Quilt Quilting Silk, Fancy Fabric Stash Builder
The beauty, variety, quality and quantity of fabrics in this crazy quilt fabric collection is sure to curl your toes with happiness. Best yet, you'll have a leg up in buildig a quality CQ fabric stash the moment it arrives. Each fabric packet contains superior quality Pure Silk and Fancy Fabrics in a range of colors, textures, solids and designs. Pastel, nuetral and jewel toned combinations in every pack! Provides a painter's palette of color themes such as white/ecru/beige, pinks/reds/burgundies, blues/greens/teals, lavenders/heather/purples, etc. in a mix of solid and patterned fabrics. Approximate piece sizes frequently range from 7" x 6", "8 x 8", 7" x 9", and 8" x 9" or larger with a few smaller squares and/or odd shaped pieces included to remain within one pound shipping weight.

Usual prep time of 3-5 full business days excluding weekends and holidays and depending on order current volume. Multiple orders may require a longer prep time to allow for hand pinking every piece, pressing and individualized embellishment options. Prepared with a hefty dose of personal attention and TLC, - they're worth the wait! Ships Priority Mail.

More details:

Prettily packaged in a protective drawstring bag, this crazy quilt fabric collection provides multiple color combinations at one great price. From garden blossom pastels to deep Victorian jewels, this kit provides a lovely mix of of colors, textures, solids and designs to play with. Perfect to get your stash blooming with a robust assortment of pretties! Assortments include fabrics in color clusters which may be combined to play upon one another. We draw from a pool of selections ranging from: Pastels, Deep vibrant Jewel tones, and Soft Nuetrals.

Each fabric is cut, pinked, and pressed from our pool of Glistening Pure Silk and Satin Brocades, Quality Taffeta's and Fancy Prom Dress Fabrics, Embossed, Flocked Taffeta's, Crisp Cotton Hankies, Delicate Florals, Lace, Velveteen, Fine Woolens, Satins, Sateens, Chinese Brocade Satins, Italian Silk Satin and Ribbon Stripes, Silk shantung... just to name a few! Individual fabrics and colors may vary from kit to kit as new pretties arrive.

All cuts are appropriately sized for crazy quilt projects. Enough gorgeous fabric to piece a small lap quilt. No itsy-bities, and no stretchies. No repeats. Selections will vary as our selection of over 900 fabrics rotates with new arrivals. As a thank you, a small assortment of trimmings is included to add to your embellishment stash. These extra pretties are included as our thank you and are not factored into our cost. Embellishment mini-squishies frequently include items such as dyed lace bits, sequins, seed beads, buttons, mixed couching fibers, etc. and vary month to month.

Please see our Kudos Page and you'll understand why our customers rely on us to keep a well stocked fabric stash!