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New! Tie Silk Tidbits CQ Fabric Squishie - Save yourself the time of collecting, seam ripping and cutting up ties to capture the look of Victorian crazy quilting.

 New!Tidbits Tie Silk Squishie -Fine Italian, European and Asian Silk Tie Studio Scrap Pieces
New!Tidbits Tie Silk Squishie -Fine Italian, European and Asian Silk Tie Studio Scrap Pieces
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Product Description

Unlike the silk tie morsels incorporated in crazy quilts by those crafty conservative ladies of yesterday, these traditional tie silk fabric samples and designer's cutting table scrap pieces are NEW fresh-from-the-factory cuts. Say bye-bye to your seam ripper with a selection of cuts from our superior selection of Italian, English, French and Asian tie silk cuttings. These small portion cuts are perfect for use as starting squares, beaded upon as embellishments, jewelry making, textile journal work, art dolls...and particularly fun as machine needle felting layers. As CQ patches, they're sure to add a silky dose of Victoriana to your projects. These cuts are the perfect size for smaller projects such as CQ bracelets, needle books, and journal covers and ATC. Some scrap pieces may be irregular in shape, or be rectangles, strips, squares or triangles, however all appropriately sized for incorporating into crazy quilting projects. As an example, the silk samples are usually around 4" x 5" factory pinked cuts, and strips and rectangles often vary from 3" to 6" or more inner measurements. Occasional strips may be quite long, while others may be approximately 5" to 12". Occasional triangles vary in sizes with some being quite generously proportioned.

Your pretties will come pinked, carefully pressed and bundled in a flat zippy quart sized plastic bag. Mailed in a kraft envelope, shipping for one Silk Tie Tidbit Squishie alone within the USA is approximately 3.20 via USPS. The cost of shipping will be re-calculated after check-out to reflect total order's shipping weight before final payments are processed so please don't be alarmed if the check-out system charges a higher rate for this item.

The picture above reflects an example of tie silk fabric cuttings from our revolving inventory and does not reflect packaging or quantity. Each purchase consists of one "squishie" quart bag portion of silkie pretties. Number of pieces is determined by shipping weight as different silk varieties (such as brocades and prints) and cut sizes will vary. (Usually somewhere between 20 to 27 pieces depending on individual piece sizes.)

Selections are patterned in a grab bag style mixture of color, designs and silk fabric selections. Most are traditional silk tie patterns. (Sorry, but due to the low cost of this item customization is not offered at this time.)This is a great price for superior real silk fabrics!