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Victorian Over Dyed Collection - Set of 20 4mm Riversilks Silk Ribbon Spools

Victorian Over Dyed Collection - Riversilks Silk Ribbon - 4mm
Victorian Over Dyed Collection - Riversilks Silk Ribbon - 4mm
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Product Description

Over Dyed Victorian Collection - Set of 20 Riversilks Silk Ribbon Spools,4mm (1/8" wide). Larger spool size than the other brands with 5 1/2 yds on each spool!

Unlike any other silk ribbons on the market today, Riversilks have very fine finished edges to make them fray free, allowing for much longer ribbon lengths while stitching, which means fewer stitch interuptions knotting and re-threading - so less waste too! Colorfast and highly durable, our Riversilks stand up and shine in fine needlework, clothing applications, bobbin stitching, serging and braiding where other silk ribbons are destined to fail. Specially designed and manufactured for Ribbonsilks, these are the silk ribbons you've seen featured in the major needlework magazines and DIY shows. High luster, a refreshing breeze to work with, and simply gorgeous colors.


Riversilks Heirloom Solids Collection - Silk Embroidery Ribbons 4mm
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