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29.95! Silk Scrap CQ Pieces - Cheaper by the Pound! SBC#4 CQ Quilting and Craft Silk Stash Builder delivers a One Pound Grab Bag of Assorted Pure Silk Cuts, Scraps & Sample Pieces to your door each month for a term of 6 months. This is a huge mix of assorted cuts, sizes, shapes, colors, designs and silk varieties just as they come to us...Bagged together in an assortment of yummy cuts & colors. Mostly Italian and Asian tie silk. Never-ever just a bag of itsty-bitsies! We always include some nice generous pieces... Perhaps some brocades, whimsical English prints, pretty Persian florals or the occassional solids...Or a couple of pure silk scarf or tie bottom samples or even a silk satin stole clipping or remnant. Always a surprise! We love opening our new inventory shipments. Now you can share in the excitement too! Just 28.95 per month (plus shipping) brings you at least one pound of superior Asian & European silks in this Quilting and Crafting Silk Stash Builders Club Subscription. That's a LOT of silk! This is a discounted price from our usual One Pound offering, and as always, we tend to be generous with our Stash Club Subscribers! Because so many of our silks are limited edition designs and the constant rotation of inventory, photo's are intended as snapshot samples of new arrivals. Yes, - they are brilliant and better yet; the vibrancy and colors are just as the camera caught them. Due to the highly reflective nature of silk, they can be tricky to photograph so photos often don't do them justice. Just the same, our product photos aren't color edited and still you can see the beauty, quality & uniqueness of our huge inventory. Most of the geometrics, florals & stripes originate from the priciest of scarf, formal wear and tie silk inventories, but as you can see, they aren't your typical ho-hum left-overs. So subscribe today to add an ever changing variety of color and texture to your crazy quilting stash. *Sorry, but special requests for particular color groupings or print varieties aren't available for this particular offering. Quantity of 3 New Subscriptions Available for September. Please see Policy page to answer any questions and for SSB-Club Subscription checkout details.

SBC#4 CQ CrAzY Quilter Silk Stash Club Subscription 1 Pound! Perfect for Felting & CQ Class
SBC#4 CQ CrAzY Quilter Silk Stash Club Subscription 1 Pound! Perfect for Felting & CQ Class
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Product Description

Is your crazy quilt stash suffering from the ho-hums of chain store fabrics, too many solids, common cottons or too much bother hunting down a wide variety? Then this 6 month stash building boost is your stash saving answer. You won't find these pretties in chain stores (most are Limited Edition Silks), and many are actually cuts, remnants, and panel ends remaining from fine European silk scarf and tie production lines. So unique and pretty... in fact; there's a whole line of upscale private label designer women's bags & accessories manufactured from these very same silk scraps! ('s true!) To keep them affordable, these grab bags are packaged & shipped to you in resealable plastic bags w/out the frills of adding ribbon ties & pinking edges.

SBC-Stash Builder Clubs offer a nice variety in textures, shapes, designs & sizes with new pickins delivered on a monthly basis.

Cancel at any time. We'll make sure there is a mixed selection of colors and designs in each mailing. Add them to your existing stash for added zing, silky shine, and a unique mix of fabric varieties, designs and textures! This is a very popular choice for CQ Quilting Classes, altered art artists and machine felters. *Click on image for a close peek at our pretties!